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Here are a selection of "London" type songs. To download any of them - Right click in the .mp3 link in yellow
and click on "save link as" or might be "save target as" and it should download the file to your
download directory.

Any Old Iron - Harry Champion - .mp3 link
Bless em All - George Formby .mp3 link
BOBBY DARIN ~ Bill Bailey Won`t You Please Come Home .mp3 link
Don't Dilly Dally On The Way - Various Artists .mp3 link
For Me & My Gal - Various Artists .mp3 link
Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend .mp3 link
Hokey Cokey - Black Lace .mp3 link
I'll Be Your Sweetheart - Foster & Allen .mp3 link
I'll See You In My Dreams .mp3 link
I'm Henry the Eighth I Am .mp3 link
I've Got A Luvverly Bunch Of Coconuts .mp3 link
Ill See You In My Dreams .mp3 link
Knees Up Mother Brown .mp3 link
Lambeth Walk - Lupino Lane .mp3 link
Lily Of Laguna .mp3 link
londoners waltz - Max Bygraves .mp3 link
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon .mp3 link
Let Me Call You Sweetheart .mp3 link
Oh You Beautiful Doll .mp3 link
Show Me The way To Go Home .mp3 link
Strollin' .mp3 link
When Your Smiling .mp3 link
Maybe its because Im a Londoner - Flanagan & Allen .mp3 link
Maybe Its Because Im A Londoner .mp3 link
My Melancholy Baby - Chas 'N' Dave .mp3 link
My Old Man's a Dustman .mp3 link
Good Night Irene .mp3 link
Peter Sellers - Any Old Iron .mp3 link
Run Rabbit Run - Flanagan & Allen .mp3 link
Shine On Harvest Moon. - Flanagan & Allen .mp3 link
Show Me The Way To Go Home .mp3 link
Side By Side - Various Artists .mp3 link
The Hokey Cokey .mp3 link
The Lambeth Walk ! - Billy Cotton & his band .mp3 link
The Lambeth Walk .mp3 link
The Lambeth Walk (2) .mp3 link
Underheath The Arches - Various Artists .mp3 link
Underneath The Arches - Flanagan and Allen .mp3 link
Underneath The Arches - Max Bygraves .mp3 link
Walking My Baby Back Home - Chas 'N' Dave .mp3 link
We'll Meet Again Medley .mp3 link
Where did you get that hat - Stanley Holloway .mp3 link
You are my SunShine .mp3 link



The followin are general sing along songs



You Are My Sunshine .mp3 link
Anniversary Song - Chas 'N' Dave .mp3 link
Beautiful Dreamer - Foster and Allen .mp3 link
Bless `Em All Medley .mp3 link
By The Light of The Silvery Moon .mp3 link
Daisy Daisy - Various Artists .mp3 link
For Me And My Gal - Judy Garland .mp3 link
Good Night Sweetheart - Various Artists .mp3 link
Mandy Barnett - Beautiful Dreamer .mp3 link
Max Bygraves - Medley -Me and My Shadow .mp3 link
max bygraves - You Always Hurt The One you love .mp3 link
Mitch Miller - Let Me Call You Sweetheart .mp3 link
Mitch Miller - Show Me the Way to Go Home .mp3 link
Mitch Miller - You Are My Sunshine .mp3 link
Now Is The Hour .mp3 link
Run Rabbit Run .mp3 link
The Bachelors-I'll See You in My Dreams .mp3 link
The White Cliffs Of Oder - Various Artists .mp3 link
We'll Meet Again .mp3 link


These are the music for some of the latest dances i've done aswell as an alternative to the standard "the Gambler" - its a bit more meatier - same dance and tags etc


Silver lining - Kacey Musgraves .mp3 link
The Gambler - Robert Wilsden Remix .mp3 link
The Shoebox .mp3 link
this is the setup for "Hot MP3 Downloader. Just run the setup program and replace the exe file with the new one in the directory




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